10 Helpful Gizmos that Seniors Will Love

button hook zipper pull

There comes a point in life when certain tasks, chores and responsibilities become difficult to do. Once upon a time they were mindless and effortless undertakings, but due to declining eyesight, manual dexterity, mental cognition or some other reason, these little things are becoming somewhat of a frustrating challenge. With a goal of maintaining an independent lifestyle for as long as possible, many elderly adults look for handy tools, gadgets, gizmos and solutions that can assist them with these formerly-simple activities.

Here are ten helpful products that make the modern world more accessible for the older crowd. They make great gifts for aging loved ones or their caregivers.

1. Vive Button Hook and Zipper Pull
Any senior with dexterity issues, carpal tunnel, fine motor impairment or arthritis will love having this handy combo-tool around to help them get dressed without assistance. The steel wire loop on the Vive Button Hook and Zipper Pull easily hooks onto any size button or zipper so you can fasten up a blouse, zip down pants or undo a jacket with just one hand. It has a comfortable non-slip grip to enable hassle-free independent dressing.

2. Motion Activated Toilet Night Light
You many notice you have more frequent trips to the bathroom at night now that you’re in your senior years. No need to stumble around in the dark. Find your way there safely with the GlowBowl Fresh Motion Activated Toilet Night Light, a small battery operated device that clips to the side of the bowl. No need to flick on the blinding overhead light, which will jar you and perhaps your partner awake. The gadget will sense you coming and illuminate the bowl in a glowing hue so you can do what you need to do. You can choose from 13 colors, so have fun with it. As a bonus, it also has a motion-activated air freshener along with the classic nightlight feature.

3. SVINZ 3 Alarm Clock
Knowing what to do and when to do it is an integral part of living independently. This clock helps with that, especially for seniors with vision impairment or memory issues. It has a high-resolution 8 inch display and large fonts for easy reading. It clearly displays the day of the week, time of day, whether its morning, afternoon, evening, night or predawn, plus the day of the month and year – all the pertinent information to get your bearings on the day (no confusing abbreviations). It also comes with 3 alarm setting per day, so you can set it for wake-ups, meal or medication reminders. The best selling SVINZ 3 Alarm Clock is ideal for seniors who need structure, routine and focus, which helps reduce stress, anxiety and confusion.

4. SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer
Frankly, this one is handy for people of any age. Who hasn’t gone to the store for a specific item, only to return with bags full of everything but that item? Relying on your memory is just too unreliable, which can lead to frustrating back-and-forths to the store. The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer is the ideal solution, with just the right amount of tech without being a pain to learn. You just vocally add items to a running list as they spring to mind. Simply press the record button and speak into the magnetic gizmo that sits on your fridge, and it will keep track of everything you need. When you’re ready to go shopping, press print, and out pops your list on thermal paper. Better yet, it automatically sorts your list by category, making for a more streamlined shopping experience. It has 2500 pre-loaded items in there, so will no doubt recognize the products you need to buy.

5. Maddak Universal Built-Up Handles
There may come a point when arthritis, Parkinson’s or some other ailment makes your hands a little unsteady, which can make holding a knife and fork a challenge. These multipurpose easy-grip Maddak Universal Built-Up Handles simply slip over the handles of utensils, pens, pencils, toothbrushes, crochet hooks and more. The soft, ribbed, dishwasher-safe handles make it easier for people with limited grasping ability to self-feed and perform other daily living activities. They come in a pack of four.

6. Sock Slider
When you’re young, it’s hard to imagine that there may come a time when something as simple as putting on your socks could be a challenge. However, bending over, twisting, turning and pulling up socks can be a daily struggle for many seniors with mobility limitations or injuries. Independent living aids like the Allstar Innovations Sock Slider is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” inventions that solves this pesky yet all-too-common problem. You just place your sock heel-side down on the cradle and roll the cuff down over the sides, lower it to the floor and then easily slide your foot in the wide opening. It works for all kinds of socks including dress, casual, athletic, tube and compression. It also helps you take your socks off, and works as a shoe horn, too.

7. Key Turner
Some older adults find it difficult to twist a key in a lock due to arthritis, injury, stroke or some other medical condition that impacts hand strength or finger dexterity. This simple key turner gives your fingers just the right amount of extra leverage to turn a key. Get a grip and open the door with ease. This lightweight durable plastic model holds two keys.

8. Neck reading light
It’s a fact that older eyes need more light in order to see properly. No need to squint and strain in the dark. Having a handy light wrapped around your neck illuminates any page or craft project you may be working on. The Glauscent Neck LED Reading Light is flexible and bendable for custom comfort, and has 3 levels of adjustable and rechargeable LED brightness. This ergonomic reading light is hands free for the ultimate convenience. It’s particularly convenient for reading in bed as its beam focuses on the page in front of you without disturbing a sleeping partner. Let there be light.

9. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps
Men might not know this, but women often struggle with clasping their necklaces and bracelets shut. Those darn clasps are so small and fiddly, it’s so easy to miss the catch, especially if it’s behind your neck or at an awkward angle using one hand. Some genius decided enough is enough and invented something that seems so obvious, you wonder why all jewelry isn’t made this way. Magnets, people. Magnets. Simply attach these Magnetic Lobster Clasps to your existing jewelry at your leisure, and the next time you want to wear it, put both ends near each other and let the magnets do their magic in seconds. The bond is strong, so no worries about it coming undone. This set comes with six pairs of clasps, three each in silver and gold tones. It’s ideal for seniors with shaky hands or poor eyesight, but is also great for women with long nails or a lack of patience.

10. Auto Assist Grab Bar
Do you ever find yourself struggling to get in or out of your car? Do your bones and joints and ligaments protest when you try to do so? It’s an awkward, twisty, upward thrust of a maneuver for those who have bodily aches and pains or mobility challenges. The Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar might just be what you need to help you exit or enter the vehicle smoothly and safely. The lightweight portable sturdy handle is inserted into a U-shaped door striker or door latch with no special installation or modifications required. The easy-grip handle gives you just the right leverage to help you out of the car and onto your feet. The handy grab bar supports up to 300 lbs.

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