Memory Care

memory care
Senior man sitting looking at photo album with male nurse

If Alzheimer’s or some other dementia-related condition is a factor for you of your loved one, you best find a senior living arrangement that specializes in memory care. Some assisted living facilities offer this in their suite of services, and certainly many nursing homes and convalescent homes do too, but not all 55 plus communities, retirement communities or senior care homes cater to the special needs of early to late stage dementia or cognitive decline.

A quality memory care facility offers a safe and secure environment where trained staff can closely monitor both the physical and cognitive health of their residents. They usually offer programs, activities and events designed to help residents with memory issues work on their cognitive abilities, while also enjoying their interests, passions and hobbies. Maintaining a good quality of life is vital for seniors, even if certain cognitive abilities are on the decline.

Look for a memory care facility that has a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, making the residents feel at home with easy-to-navigate floor plans. Memory care communities often feature things like keypad entry, emergency alerts and enclosed courtyards ensure that those with dementia have freedom to walk around but cannot inadvertently wander off the property. Like in other kinds of assisted living or nursing home facilities with long term care, memory care staff help out with chores such as laundry, housekeeping, grooming, meal prep, taking medication and more.

Therapeutic programs and enriching activities are geared towards both recreation and maintaining cognitive skills, such as brain games, sensory stimulation, dancing, music programs and art classes. While there is no cure, having a structured routine with regular socialization opportunities helps the resident live their best life and fend off a sense of isolation, despite their memory issues.

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